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Industry in today’s global market must prove responsibility and a dose of healthy respect towards our environment. Controlling our processes and thus eliminating the waste of vital resources is a substantial contribution towards the preservation of our planet. At TOOL-TEMP we understand the importance of this reality. We are proud to support many different industries with precision control technology that has significantly contributed towards optimizing processes in many countries around the Globe and ultimately helps preserve our natural resources.

Welcome to TOOL-TEMP.com, the Internet portal for TOOL-TEMP Inc. of North America.
TOOL-TEMP equipment has earned itself a reputation for unsurpassed reliability and robustness. Since 1973 Manufacturers have trusted our “Swiss Made” quality in a very diverse market. Today we are the only manufacturer that designs and produces all of our key components in-house and thus are able to maintain our extremely high standard of quality.

Our annual production exceeds 10,000 Units and we ship into most parts of the World, including China.

TOOL-TEMP Inc. is the official subsidiary of TOOL-TEMP AG of Sulgen, Switzerland. Our Michigan-based distribution and service center is well equipped to handle all repairs on TOOL-TEMP Temperature Control Systems and Water Chillers. With our newly established presence in the U.S. we are now able to offer our proven systems to an even wider range of customers, directly from within the States. This brings many new and exciting benefits to existing customers and opens a great opportunity for new business to those that will soon be joining our ever-growing customer base.



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