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Other Products & Accessories

Conditioning bath (not in stock, only on request)

  • TT-100 K-E
  • TT-100 KB-E

Freshly shot polyamide plastics, especially PA 6.6, are very brittle and dry. Such parts require a moisture content of approx. 2.5% to maintain dimensional stability and impact strength. By keeping the plastic parts in hot water, this process can be accelerated instead of the moisture being absorbed by the air. Moisture absorption is possible with water or with steam. And this is exactly what the Tool-Temp conditioning baths are used for. They allow operation with water and steam up to 90°C. The electronic temperature control guarantees an exact and constant water temperature.

Test equipment (not in stock, only on request)


Comparison measurement unit for temperature control units. Simple and reliable checking of temperature, pressure and flow rate.

Heat transfer oil SH-3 (Available from stock)

  • Barrel of 52.8 gallons (200 liters)
  • Can of 6.6 gallons (25 liters)

SH-3 – Adapted for temperatures up to +680°F

The heat transfer oil TOOL-THERM SH-3 is a high quality special oil which can be used in a temperature range from +86°F until +680°F. On the contrary to other kind of heat transfer liquids, the TOOL-THERM SH-3 is not classified as poisonous. Therefore it is not considered as hazardous goods in the sense of transport regulations.