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Spare parts service and expert support throughout the US

Time is one of the most important factors for a successful company.

Tool-Temp supplies only original spare parts. This is the only way to ensure continuous quality and longevity of your device and spare parts. By maintaining a large inventory of equipment, genuine replacement parts and a repair facility in Concord, North Carolina, Tool-Temp US, Inc. supports its customers by shipping orders quickly and processing repair orders with short turnaround times. In addition to the fast delivery service, our experts provide support by phone for the assembly of the supplied components or devices.


  • By maintaining a large inventory of equipment, spare parts and a repair facility in Concord, North Carolina, Tool-Temp US, Inc. supports its customers by delivering orders quickly, and processing repair orders with fast turnaround times.
  • By manufacturing certain core components in house, Tool-Temp AG is able to provide fast time-to market, even for customized solutions.
  • No costly production downtime and repairs thanks to maintenance friendly units.

Repair & Maintenance

For our customers in the United States, we offer diagnostic and repair services for your Tool-Temp unit at our facility in Concord, NC. This way you can avoid unforeseen interruptions and extend the lifetime of your equipment. If you need a repair carried out, please provide us with the following details, so we can make sure we have everything we need to complete the work.

Your checklist for repair requests

  • Equipment name and serial number
  • Description of the fault
  • Location of the equipment within your production facilities
  • Prevailing production conditions
  • Production process
  • Photos of the equipment condition
  • Preferred time frame for repair work

If problems occur, the US team can provide troubleshooting services for your unit and provide suggestions for the most appropriate action.


Test bench & equipment testing
After any repair, the unit is thoroughly tested to make sure that no problems persist, and the unit is functioning according to specifications.


High spare part availability in the event of repairs
We have a very high vertical range of manufacture and have a correspondingly large spare parts warehouse. This enables us to serve you quickly if necessary. You can also obtain spare parts from us for your equipment that is older than 10 years. This gives you the planning security for a long use of your production plant. And you protect your investment.