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About Us

Since 2015, Tool-Temp has been active with its own subsidiary in the United States of America and is based in Concord, North Carolina. Headquartered in Sulgen, Switzerland, Tool-Temp manufactures high-quality temperature control equipment and chillers for a wide range of industries. Besides the U.S. office, there are 16 international subsidiaries and an extensive network of distributors and sales offices worldwide.

The fundamentals of its products and design since its founding in 1973 have always been accuracy, quick return on investment, and ease of operation and maintenance. The rugged design of the equipment provides the best conditions for continuous use in diverse customer applications. These principles have stood the test of time and are reflected in our products.

The primary goal with our US subsidiary is to cover customer needs locally and with local contact persons. In order to cover the American market in the best possible way, a generous stock of new equipment and spare parts has been built up and continuously expanded. With this we would like to signal the necessary planning security and confidence to our US customers, so that a fast service can be guaranteed.

Our Mission

Your success is our mission!
Tool-Temp sets international standards when it comes to reliability and performance. We constantly optimize our portfolio to meet the different customer requirements Tool-Temp products. Our employees work with competence and passion to ensure that all our customers in the USA are successful. Exceptional service is therefore an integral part of our proposition.


Tool-Temp is the name that has become synonymous with accurate, reliable process temperature control across a wide cross-section of American manufacturing industries. In injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, die casting, print finishing… in fact, wherever there’s a requirement for temperature control of a circulating fluid, Tool-Temp can provide the optimum solution, from a wide range of superbly engineered products. As the leading specialist in our field, we offer many years’ valuable application experience, working with a wide range of materials including the latest engineering thermoplastics. So, whether you need a simple, off-the-shelf unit, or a custom-built unit, Tool-Temp can help you to maintain temperature for your process.

“Individual customers need individual solutions. We provide you a big range of customized units and services”

Patrick Siegrist, Technical Sales Manager

The history of Tool-Temp AG

1973: Foundation of the company in switzerland

Company founded as Koller & Co. Mechanische Werkstätte, production in Speicher AR.

1974: Development of the first temperature control unit

The first temperature control unit on the market equipped with a simple electronic temperature monitoring system.

1975: Relocation of the company to Roggwil – Thurgau

In the following years the first water cooling unit is developed.

1984: Conversion of the company into a stock company

Including renaming of the company with the new company name: Tool-Temp AG.

1986: New location in Romanshorn

Purchase of a property in Romanshorn and move from Roggwil to the new location.

1988: Expansion location Romanshorn

Purchase of a further plot of land and construction of additional production halls.

1994: Building plant no. 2 in Romanshorn

Purchase of the adjoining property, construction of production plant no. 2.

1995: Extension by two halls

Purchase of an adjoining property, expansion of the plant in Romanshorn by two additional halls.

1997: Additional production halls

Purchase of an adjacent plot of land of approx. 10’000 m² with two further halls in Romanshorn.

1998: Expansion of the production capacity

Purchase of a further property with an existing hall, approx. 700 m², Romanshorn.

1999: Planning new headquarters with a production plant

Purchase of a large plot of land, 34’000 m² in Sulgen, planning of new headquarters, with a complete production plant.

2000: Ground-breaking ceremony for new headquarters – Sulgen

Ground-breaking ceremony for the planned new building in Sulgen.

2001: Relocation of the whole company to Sulgen

Move of the whole company and production to Sulgen.

2002: Foundation of first Tool-Temp foreign companies

In various European countries there is a need for local Tool-Temp subsidiaries.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp England
  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Germany North
  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Italy

2002: Start of production at the new location

Installation of the production lines. Start of production in the new building in Sulgen.

2003: First Tool-Temp subsidiary in Asia

The expansion continues. Development of the Asian markets.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Asia in Singapore

2005: Foundation of further Tool-Temp locations

Foundation of further European subsidiaries in Hungary and Germany.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Germany South
  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Hungary

2006: Foundation Tool-Temp Poland

Foundation of a further European subsidiary in Poland.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Poland

2007: Foundation Tool-Temp Czech Republic

Expansion of our activities in Eastern Europe with the foundation of a national subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp Czech Republic

2008: Expansion Asia – foundation of Tool-Temp China

Expansion of the presence in the Asian markets with the foundation of a national company in China.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp China

2008: Foundation Tool-Temp France

Expansion of our presence in the western neighboring country. Foundation of a national company in France.

  • Foundation of Tool-Temp France

2009: Annual production reaches 10’000 temperature control units

The annual production in Sulgen reaches 10,000 temperature control and cooling units for the first time.

2012: Foundation Tool-Temp Benelux

Foundation of a further Tool-Temp national company Benelux with headquarters in Holland.

  • Foundation Tool-Temp Benelux

2013: 40 years of Tool-Temp!

We celebrate 40 years Tool-Temp anniversary.

2014: Foundation Tool-Temp Spain

Expansion of the Tool-Temp presence in Spain.

  • Foundation Tool-Temp Spain

2015: Foundation Tool-Temp USA

We start on the American continent. Foundation of the national company in the USA.

  • Foundation Tool-Temp USA

2015: The 2nd generation of the Koller family takes over

Handing over the baton to the next generation. The 2nd generation of the Koller family takes over – Jasmine Koller and Serge Koller.

2016: Foundation Tool-Temp Turkey

We start at the Bosporus. Foundation of the national subsidiary in Turkey.

  • Foundation Tool-Temp Turkey

2019: Foundation Tool-Temp Taiwan

Continuous expansion of the Asian market. Foundation of the national subsidiary in Taiwan.

  • Foundation Tool-Temp Taiwan

2019: Relaunch of the Tool-Temp brand

Start of the revision of the brand and the new corporate identity.

2020: Foundation Tool-Temp Mexico

The gateway to Central America. We are starting in Mexico with another national company.

  • Foundation Tool-Temp Mexico