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TOOL-TEMP AG is the leading manufacturer of temperature control units and water chillers. Our products are used in the plastics, metal die casting, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and many other areas including the wood working industry.

Milestones of TOOL-TEMP

1973 Company foundation as Koller & Co. TOOL-TEMP fabrication in Speicher AR - Staff: 2

1974 First temperature control unit is developed. First units on the market which is equipped with a simple electronic temperature monitoring. Production per year: 17 units

1975 Move of the company to Roggwil TG in own premises. In the following years the first water chiller is developed.

1984 Change of the partnership into a limited company. New company name: TOOL-TEMP AG

1986 Purchase of the former Lüscher AG in Romanshorn. Move from Roggwil to Romanshorn. Staff: 35

1988 Purchase of an additional plot of land and building of halls.

1994 Purchase of the neighboring real estate Garage Müller AG and building of plant 2.

1995 Purchase of the neighboring real estate Dütschler. Widening of the plant with 2 more halls.

1997 Purchase of the neighboring plot of land, approx. 10,000 m2 with 2 more halls of Dünner AG in Romanshorn.

1998 Purchase of one more plot of land with one hall, approx. 700 m2, approx. 150 m from TOOL-TEMP away.

1999 Purchase of a plot of land, 34'000 m2, Industriestrasse 30, 8583 Sulgen, planning of a new building for expansion of the production facility.

2000 Broke ground on 3rd April.

2001 September - move of plant 2 from Romanshorn to Sulgen The construction work is finished in November. The move of the complete company from Romanshorn to Sulgen is done in December. Staff: 150

2002 Full production in the new building.

2008 TOOL-TEMP AG is the largest manufacturer of temperature control units and water chillers in Europe. The annual production is approx. 10,000 units.

2010 TOOL-TEMP Inc. of North America was established


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